Korean Kimchi Pancakes

Introduction: Korean Kimchi Pancakes

About a year ago, my brother-in-law (who is Korean) showed me how to make these kimchi pancakes. When I was learning, we did not do a lot of measuring for the recipe, that is because we mostly just "eye balled it". In other words, you decide how much ingredients to add depending on what consistency, and look you like.


1 egg per person
Flour (or Korean pancake mix)
Sesame oil and seeds

All ingredients without measurements will be talked about later.

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Step 1: Korean Kimchi Pancakes: Vegetables.

To get started, cut up enough of your favorite veggies. Enough of them so that the bowl that you're going to be mixing the batter in is almost as full as you want it when the wet ingredients are included. Some veggies I use are cucumbers, summer squash, green bell peppers, mushrooms, and asparagus. Now add the kimchi (which can be purchased at almost all Asian grocery stores, or look up how to make it yourself). All the veggies should be cut as close as possible to 2 inches long, by almost half a centimeter wide.

Step 2: Korean Kimchi Pancakes: Adding the Wet Ingredients.

Add one egg per person, and then the milk, which should submerge about half of the veggies. Last of all, add the flour until you have a batter that isn't to wet, but still be able to easily be poured. For flour, I actually got some Korean pancake mix, which is just flour with a few seasonings already mixed in. The goal is that the batter will be mainly veggies, with just enough of the wet ingredients to keep it together.

Step 3: Korean Kimchi Pancakes: Cooking

Next heat your pan for a few minutes on medium heat, hold off putting oil on until you're ready to make the pancakes. The less sesame oil is heated, the more nutritious it is. When you're ready, add enough sesame oil so that it covers about a quarter of the pan. Spread it around, and add the batter. There may be a few vegetables that stick out of the pancakes, just place them back on the pancake that your making. Cook until the edges are a little firm and the pancake is a light brown (coloration will differ for everyone). Flip the pancake, and press down on it with the spatula to flatten it out. The pancake is now done, but it is suggested that you make a dip for the pancake made from 95% soy sauce, 10% sesame oil with some sesame seeds sprickled over that.

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