Kraft Paper Feathers




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Make a huge paper feather bouquet!

Step 1: Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: You'll Need

Kraft paper


Americana Multi-Surface Metallic in Gold

White glue


18 gage (or similar) wire

Wire cutters

Step 3: Prepare the Paper

Cut several wire pieces about 25" to 28" long

Cut several sheets of kraft paper 22" x 12"

Slightly water down the white glue so it's easy to spread

Paint it on half of the kraft paper

Sandwich the wire inside of the kraft paper

Step 4: Paint and Cut

Cut into a feather shape

Paint the ends in metallic gold

Roll a 12" x 6" sheet of kraft paper into a thin tube

Cut the sides of the feather at an angle

Glue the paper tube over the wire and let dry

*You can use hot glue for this if you want



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