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Introduction: Kraft-Tex Ornament and Gift Topper

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Kraft-Tex Paper Fabric is perfect for papercrafting projects that are meant to last. It has the feel of paper but the durability of fabric, and you can do just about anything to it — stamp it, apply layers of paint, print on it — and it will stand up to it. It’s a great way to turn your mixed-media art into something wearable or durable, like a book cover, tote bag, or sleeve for your tablet...or ornaments and gift toppers!

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Step 1: Ornament - Prep Your Paper

To begin, cut two hearts out of Kraft-Tex and apply a layer of gray paint to each. Let dry.

Step 2: Paint

Once dry, use spray inks, paint dabbers, and stencils to apply a few paint layers.

Step 3: Stamp and Embellish

Next, stamp a girl from Dina Wakley’s "All the Gals" stamp set twice onto one side, and add other embellishments like computer-generated text. This will be the front.

Step 4: Finish

To finish, stitch the heart partially closed with embroidery floss, add stuffing, then finish stitching the heart.

For added stability and an extra edgy look, staple the perimeter of the heart. Add a bit of embroidery floss for hanging.

Step 5: Gift Topper - Bonus Project

If you're like us, and you hate wasting paint and ink, Kraft-Tex makes for a great catch-all during this project, and the result can be turned into another ornament or a gift topper with a mixed-media edge.

Once you've built up some layers of paint and ink, cut out two flowers from your Kraft-Tex catch-all. Layer them, and add a brad through the middle to secure them. For extra dimension, curled the flower petals.

With a pin adhered to the back, this gift topper can also be worn as a brooch. It’s a great thing to include when sharing a gift with an artsy friend!

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