Kreg Jig R3 Modification DIY



Disclaimer.. this is cheap modification and not as good as the original K4 , but who cares...

Here is Video Link

I have bough the R3 jig which cost ~40$. There is another more expensive model have a clamping mechanism.

I have saw some guys on the internet modifying there jig to duplicate the design. So I have decided to do it myself too. but instead of completely removing the sliders I decided to clamp the jig using small screws to allow me to reuse great Kreg design features already built in. This way I do not need to hold the wood a the specific hight when I am clamping it down. - I hope this makes sense.


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Step 1: Materials and Tools



  • Drill
  • Table Saw(?)

Step 2: Drill Everything Together

1. Connect everything together as you see in the pictures.

2. Remove the clamp attachment from the Kreg Jig.

3.Clamp you jig to the wooden wall using two small screws/bolts.

Step 3: Connect the Toggle Clamp and Drill Holes.

Clamp the thinest and thickest boards to you jig and attache a toggle clamp so it will always be able to clamp the wood pieces.

I have glued a little piece of fabric to the bolt to reduce marring on the wood.



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