Kreg Jig Work Platform Idea

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Kreg Jig Work Platform Idea

Since the Kreg jig system uses its own screws, drill bits, drivers, plugs etc., a dedicated work platform with storage is a good idea.

This is not actually a step by step how to build it project, but a presentation of the idea and what you can do.
It's very easy to build and even to modify according to your needs or stock available.

Here is how I choose to build mine:...

The Jig is stationery in the center of the station and for the platform I used a piece of hardwood deck which is very straight with a smooth surface.
Both sides tops are hinged and can be lifted to access the compartments which are divided in small/big boxes according to what you want to store in them.
The platforms are secured with hooks to keep them flash and level with the jig, and finally the station base is longer than the platform to allow the use of clamps if needed.

The Platform has an overall length of 1 meter.

Thanks for watching and commenting
Stelios L.A. Stavrinides
AKA Steliart

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    6 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Hi Stelios, if possible how can I get a set of plans for this awesome work platform?

    Kind regards


    wood doctor

    2 years ago

    you have the most fascinating compact workshop i''ve ever seen !


    3 years ago

    Really neat idea, I'll have to make one of these in the near future. I like the storage underneath since I'm always losing/confusing my Kreg screws. Cheers!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a GREAT idea . . . and it also replicates the feature Kreg added to their "new/updated" Kreg-K5 Jig for working with longer pieces. NICE JOB !!!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Fantastic work platform! While not an option for me currently due to limited workspace (read: none, really), I will be building something like this when I finally get a garage or shop space. Great work.

    1 reply