Krylon Paint + Old Shovels & Scrap Metal + Some Welding = Lawn Turkey

About: Retired Math teacher who needs a hobby! So I tinker with stuff: Arduino, welding, my 1958 TR-3 , my tennis serve

We get a lot of wild turkeys in our backyard.  I thought I would make a more permanent colorful turkey for the backyard.  Maybe the real ones will treat it like a shrine or God .    Probably not.  :)

I had 4 old shovels that were not being used plus some other steel scrap that I welded in the shape of a turkey

Then using Krylon paint, I primed and painted it as can be seen in the photos

It now sits in the backyard.  I need to get a photo of when the real turkeys come and gather around it.   Which , in fact, does happen.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    a few more pics of the piece would be great. Nice sculpture


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I generally LOVE old rusty tools in their natural state... but this is SO great... 5 stars!!!

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