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Introduction: Kubo and the Two Strings - the Sisters

About: Hi! I'm a Spanish cosplayer and art student :)

I love animation and when I saw Kubo and the Two Strings I felt completely in love with it. It's just awesome. And the two sisters? Well, you can tell how much I liked them because I made the cosplay ;)

You can contact me through my cosplay page in case you want to see more pictures or just to chat with me: https://www.facebook.com/odiniacosplay/

Step 1: The Mask

The first thing I made was the mask. I used plater bandages to take a mold of my face, then I started adding things on top of it to modify the features. For that I used thick eva foam and a clay called "funny gummy" tough is not really a clay it's very light and the texture, once dry, it's similar to eva foam. However I didn't had a good experience with it. It takes a reaaaaally long time to dry completely and apparently I didn't wait enough so it caused wrinkles on the mask once it was finished and I had to sand it and repaint it T.T To sum up: use another clay.

Once you have the features it's time to put filler and sand till it's smooth. And finally the fun part: painting. I used white spray, acrylic painting and tea. Yep, tea; as you can see in the pictures it adds a nice tone.

I applied a bit of varnish in the end :)

Step 2: Hat

The hat was easier than I thought! I found a rug that was perfect and added the head part that I made out of a beach mat (not sure if that's the name, ask me if you don't know what I'm taking about). I then applied tons of latex (to harden it) and painted it.

Step 3: Chestplate

This is easy: you just need the pattern and eva foam. I added the details with thin foam. If you don't know how to make the patter ask me!

Step 4: The Cape

Be ready to cry A LOT. I cut, primed, painted and glued around 400 hundred eva foam feathers.

Step 5: Pants

I'm sorry I don't have many pictures of how I made the pants :( I used the pattern of a pair of pants that had wide legs and then pleated it. I found a pattern online though it's in Spanish: http://menchuhiloyaguja.blogspot.com.es/2015/01/como-hacer-un-pantalon-palazzo.html (it's the last one)

Step 6: Claw and Pick

I made the claw with paper clay, also bad idea. It's really fragile. I think it's better to make a wire skeleton and then using a different clay.

The pick it's eva foam with filler. Both things are connected through a chain: I used a plastic one because at conventions they're strict about things that could be used as weapons (at least where I live).

Step 7: Wig

The wig is a black, long one I had at home. I combed it and made a ponytail. The bottom part of the ponytail is glued so it doesn't tangle with the feathers.

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    I am working on making one of these currently but I don't know what size the hat should be. How big was the rug you used? I just wanna be sure not to get the wrong size.


    6 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your process. Your hat idea was amazing and the feathers! WOW! You put so much time into it and your cosplay looks incredible!

    I've been interested in doing this cosplay too. Last year I made Kubo cosplay for my son and my husband made the 'guitar' and pick for our annual Sci-fi/fantasy convention in Boston, MA.

    LOVE the sisters!! They look so creepy XD you did an amazing job!

    I would actually enjoy doing the feathers. I'm a bit crazy that way. :) Nice Instructable!

    Excellent! I would cry too if I had to glue on all those feathers :)

    I was looking for ideas on how to make this cape because my twin daughters wanted to be the sisters from Kubo. Your work is detailed and impressive! Thank you for sharing!

    Very impressive work! The costume looks great :)

    This turned out so well. Great work, thank you for sharing the details! :)