Kumihimo Braid Bracelets



Kumihimo is a traditional braid used in Japan for such things as tying an obi to a kimono. You can use them for all sorts of things such as necklaces, lanyards, and key chains, but this Instructable is about bracelets.

Step 1: Materials

  • A kumihimo disk
  • Twine or yarn
  • a holder for the twine
  • caps
  • toggles
  • scissors
  • jewelry wire
  • E600 craft glue
  • jewelry pliers

Step 2: The Twine

Cut 8 strands of twine 1 1/2 times the length you will need.

Step 3: Holding the Twine

Push the twine through the wooden holder, then tie a knot on one end. Push the twine through the back of the Kumihimo disk, so the holder keeps the twine in place.

Step 4: The First Braiding Position

Turn the disk over, then string the twine by twos through the notches at the edge, on either side of the tiny holes.

Step 5: The Second Braiding Position

Move the leftmost twine at the top to the leftmost position at the bottom.

Step 6: The Third Braiding Position

Move the rightmost twine on the bottom to the rightmost position at the top.

Step 7: Turning the Disk

Turn the disk right a quarter-turn, then to the same with the leftmost top and the rightmost bottom twine. Keep turning and moving the twine until your braid is long enough.

Step 8: Removing the Braid

When you have a long-enough braid, remove the twine from the notches and cut off the unbraided leftover twine. Remove the braid from the holder and untie the knot, then cut off the unbraided leftover.

Step 9: Making the Bracelet

Attach the toggles to the caps with jewelry wire, then glue to each end of the braid with E6000 glue. Let the glue dry before wearing.



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