Kundan - 2$ Blue Bead Necklace!




Introduction: Kundan - 2$ Blue Bead Necklace!

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Kundan - The traditional Indian style of making Jewels especially for brides on their wedding occasion. The one I have posted here is a part of bridal jewellery collection.

Total cost of the materials used here is less than 2$.

Materials & Tools needed are

1) Kundan beads

2) Gear wire

3) Samosa lock

4) Gear lock

5) Golden beads

6) Cutter and Plier

7) Connecting thread with the hook

Step 1:

This necklace is very simple to make and consumes less time. The design of Kundan jewellery reflects one's own creativity. Basic things needed for making Kundan jewellery is the proper knowledge of handling tools like plier, cutter, gear lock and gear wires. This needs some practice before we start making our necklace model.

Step 2:

Lets start with the procedure of this model,

1) Samosa lock used here is a triangular shaped bead which contains 3 holes in one of its side. Insert the gear wire on the first hole from the rear side and take the gear wire from the third hole as shown in the picture.

Step 3:

2) I started with gold color initially followed by the Kundan blue bead.

3) Now the gear wire is into 2 layers,
- In the upper layer insert the gold color bead and blue Kundan bead alternatively.Kundan bead contain 2 holes on its top and bottom. Insert the Kundan bead through its upper hole

- In the bottom layer insert Kundan bead through its bottom hole which is inserted already in upper layer.

Step 4:

4) The second layer is little tricky. Its very easy once it is understood properly. Instead of the gold color bead used in the upper layer, here 2 gold color beads and one kundan bead is used.

- These beads are used in the place where golden beads are used in the upper layer. This is shown clearly in the picture.

5) Repeat this method to complete the entire necklace.

Step 5:

6) Once the beads are inserted, add the another samosa lock to this end. Use the gear lock to tight the wire and press it with plier to avoid the beads running out of the wire.

7) Finally add the Connecting thread with hook and complete this Kundan necklace.

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