Kuro Usagi Cosplay

Introduction: Kuro Usagi Cosplay


Character: Kuro Usagi / Black Rabbit
Anime: mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru sou desu yo?

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Step 1: References

This is the character I wanted to cosplay, Kuro Usagi.
She is a little bit derpy, but also very sweet and stong. I't been a loong wile since I last cosplayed a (cute/kawaii) girl. I was really nervous.

Her outfit includes:
- pink(or optional blue) hair+ bunny ears
- red eyes
- a black vest/backless+ collar
- a red dress
- some bunny-suit like sleeves
- black stockings
- red shoes with with adding to it

Step 2: Dress+vest

This lovely lovely dress was made for my by my dear friend Symphony of Alice <3

She also was teaching me and giving me a hand on how to do the vest! But this time I did it myself.

Step 3: Shoes

Kuro Usagis shoes have this weird white decoration on top.
I decided to get me some shoes from ebay and add the white heart-like pattern using foam.

Using paper I started with creating a pattern. This way I was safe with the measurements.
After transferring the patter onto white foam and cutting them out, I used my hot glue to bring the pieces together and onto she show.

Please do not burn yourselves like I did!! D:

Step 4: Kuro Usagi Cosplay

You can find more photos here at my fb page Kion Cosplay

Thank you for stopping by and please, feel free to leave a comment below.

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