Kusudama Night Light

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I recently figured out a lamp design for the Kusudama. Flower balls are quite popular in the origami world; however, few of them can actually be used for lamp, probably because its solid structure could not accommodate a globe. For this reason, I thought about casting the light underneath the flower, such that it can glow like a lamp.

With the traditional origami method, this is difficult to achieve, as the petals have 2 layers of paper and the middle of the flower is quite dense. This hinders the light to pass through. As such, I have designed a template, which allows the project to work.

You will need the following things for this project.

Card (150 gsm, smooth texture) x 10

Craft knife


Double-sided tape


Craft or hot glue

Small paper cup (7.5 cm wide, 9.5 cm high)

Light requirement - starry string LED light set

The template for making the flower: https://goo.gl/hy2bNR

Follow the video for the complete instruction. Happy crafting!!!

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