Kv-2 (knex Version 2) Handgun


Introduction: Kv-2 (knex Version 2) Handgun

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Step 1: Just Follow the Pics

Just do it (Nike definitely didn't pay me for that wink wink)

Lol I forgot a trigger wow am I an idiot



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    Not nessecarily, both types depend on how fast you can pull the pin back,aim and shoot. Wait. Your comment doesn't make sense. Now neither does mine. Rewrite your comment bro, it don't make sense. lolz

    I think my comment makes plenty of sense. I removed the trigger on Spiff and got better ROF. No trigger also means you can get the best pin pull out pf the gun, and you can use a grey rod firing pin. I am not recommending ripping the trigger out if every gun, but no trigger is not as bad as some folks think.

    You said "guns without triggers can get better rates of fire than those without" that is the thing, what you said contradicted your argument. Reread the comment.