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How to build this large L-shaped DIY Outdoor Bench for less than $130. This bench is mostly constructed with corral boards (1x6) and 4x4's.

The bench was awarded 1st runner up in the IG Builders Challenge, Season 3. The designed was inspired by Ana White's Large Porch Bench Plans. Follow the link for full details.

Step 1: Constructing the Frame

I started by constructing the frame with my Kreg Jig R3. The size (8 1/2' x 5') is based on my space and needs, but can easily be adjusted to your space.

Step 2: Attaching the Arms

The arms are notched around the back posts and attached with pocket holes at the back posts.

Step 3: Adding the Seat Boards

At the front posts, the arms are attached with wood glue and my brad nailer. The seat boards were dry fitted to ensure a perfect fit.

Step 4: Attaching the Back

The back is attached to another board that was screwed into the posts. A rabbet was made on the shelf that runs along the bench back. The rabbet allows the bench back and it's shelf to support each other across the 8' long width.

Step 5: The Back Design

The back is made of 7 boards of varying lengths with geometric cutouts to add style. The boards are connected by pocket holes.

Step 6: Close Up Shots

The finished bench is extra durable for our muddy little boys that like to stand on the furniture, but still stylish. The 6" wide arms double as shelves.

For full details, follow the link.

Step 7: Upcycle Old Cabinets Into a Mudroom

See this instructable to find out how I converted my cabinets into this mudroom for less than $100.



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    That looks really nice! I like the cutouts :)

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