Introduction: L96

its done!(the first vid is to show you the power of the gun) not my best looking gun but has a LOT of power I give some credit to the_burrio_master for the side load idea. LOOK VERY CARFULY SOME PARTS LOOK THE SAME BUT MIGHT BE DIFFERENT. this is the most powerful gun I built(except for the sniper in the slide show) with high elasticity rubber bands. if you have any Qs just comment.

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Step 1: Make This

little parts

Step 2: Build This

build this

Step 3: Build This

build this

Step 4: Build This

build this

Step 5: Quik Break

make shure everything looks right

Step 6: Put on Part C and D

put on part C and D

Step 7: Put on Part E

put on part E

Step 8: Put on Load Rod

put on load rod

Step 9: MODS

if you arnt 100% satisfied with it put this mods on

Step 10: How to Load

how to load



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    can u please send me better pics of the piece in pic # 1
    its really hard to follow

    hey i really like this design but want to know what is the how small green pieces and yellow connectors this requires

    how many yellow connectors and white snowflake connectors are there

    thank u iron man this is i think the first knex l96 that has instructions

    Aww I would of liked it more if it had a magazine :3