RememberLampy from the movie Brave Little Toaster?  My husband was going to throw away his lamp he had used in the garage  for twenty plus years.  I saved it from the trash because it reminded me of Lampy.   Our youngest son was preparing to attend college, andBrave Little Toaster was one of his favorite movies when he was little so I made a back to school surprise for him.

Old Desk Lamp

New light socket  and cord
{*note -  my hardware store sold the exact replacement socket because it needs a off/on knob that extends out the back of the shade.  I purchased an extra long cord.}

"High Heat" Paint - cooper color and white
{*note - high heat paint is the best paint because this is a metal lamp and has the possibility of getting very hot }

Masking tape
Plastic wrap
Black sharpie
Felt  - to cover the bottom
Small paint brush
Paper cup
Small magnet - op
Glue (for felt - your favorite glue)

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To begin remove the old cord and light socket..  On my lamp the the flexible shaft was still in good condition, so I wrapped it with plastic wrap and masking tape to keep it from getting painted.
*note  - I did not  spray paint indoors.

I spray painted the inside of the inside of the shade first with white "high heat" paint.   I had lightly sprayed white on the outside of the lamp shade just as a base coat.  After the white paint was completely dry I stuffed a plastic bag inside of the shade  to keep any over spray of the copper color from getting on the inside. I sprayed painted the shade and the base with the copper "high heat paint".

When all the cooper paint was dry.  I spayed  a small amount  of the white high heat  paint into a paper cup, using a small paint brush I painted the WHITES of Lampy's eyes.
After the eyes dried completely I  used a black sharpie to color in the the eyeballs.


After painting on the eyes I then  drew his smile with the same black sharpie.
The new light socket and cord are inserted it can be a little tricky, if you are not familiar with  dealing with electricity have someone who is do this part. i can be scary.

Then I cut and glued a new felt bottom on the base which does two things covers up the wires and keeps the lamp from scratching the desks.

Lampy is now ready for the surprise trip to college. Off to Big Boy School....
Lampy is the hit with the other college kids.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hey wait a minute that movie, I think I... "flashback" ...hey that was my favorite movie. I still have the tape but nothing to play it on. Great instructable.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This totally takes me back! I can't wait to find a lamp to do this to.