Introduction: LCD TV ON FRIDGE

here is a little shematic about how to fix a flat TV on a frige
think that the behind pairs of magnets normaly doesn't need to be glued, (depending on the wood hight)  but the front ones would !
you car use super glue,, or hot sticks glue, an you can also put a kind off tissue or paper gued on the hard disk magnets in contact with the fridge to prevent marking it !



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    not for the moment but i may will with a 7 inches one, so not that complex, less weight!
    it is just a reply for a com in another instructable somebody asking how to do it, so i did the scheme to explain...
    why did you ask, you need to do one and need help?
    just ask man and i will tell you
    i speak FR, ENG and ES (i am FR)
    regards, Mich.

    I wondered whether you'd wanted one of these, the door of a fridge is often not in a good place to watch TV, and the viewing angle is hard to adjust.
    Thanks for the information!


    good day,
    as i told just upper, it is for answering to some one asking if it was possible to do in another post !
    i know for angles, but with new OLED, no problem !!! and in my case if i do it it is only to stream on it (is it common here not to say hello and good bye when posting ?????)

    There's nowt wrong with saying hello and goodbye when posting, but it's not common.