Leather Dog Harness & Strap! 1 HOUR!




Actually My dog is sick. My dog's name is "Yong Yong", The problem occurred in the brain when one year old. So Do not walk well. In the three months to live , said the hospital. But, Now Yong Yong is four years old. I believe that this disease better. I hope to be able to walk together someday. So I made this leather dog collar & strap!

Anyone can easily make this Leather Dog Harness & Strap in 1 hour!

Let's begin !

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Step 1: Size Measurement

Check neck and chest length & Back length. Yong Yong is about 31cm, 37cm, 10cm

Step 2: Materials

You have to do only 3, Cutting, Punching, Hammering

The timer is 60 minutes!


1) Leather ( Thickness over 2mm)

2) Rivets - 9~10mm , 9ea

3) Punch - 2mm

4) Snap button - 12mm ,4ea

5) Snap button press

6) D ring - 1 , Lock - 1

7) Hammer

8) Double-sided tape

And cutting the leather - For collar : Dog's length + about 10cm , For strap : length about 150cm

Step 3: Puching and Put the Snap Button

Puching and put the Snap button

For dog collar,

1) Neck collar - Puching and put the Snap button 9cm gap, 2ea

2) Chest collar - Puching and put the Snap button 9cm gap, 2ea

Step 4: Puching and Put the Rivet

Puching and put the rivet

Connect the neck and chest collar by the rivets

Step 5: Connect ​D-ring

Connect D-ring by the rivets

Secure with Double-sided tape.

Step 6: Collar Completion

For about 30 minutes, Leather Collar completion

Step 7: Creating a Strap

The strap make so easy.

Make handle by the rivets, 2ea

And If the short length, Connect the two leather line by the rivets

Step 8: Lock Connection

Lock connect by the rivets, 2ea

It passed 46 minutes.^^

Step 9: Completion !!!

Connect the collar and strap!

It just 50 minutes !!

Thank you so much.

Try it!

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    9 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Yong Yong is very cute, but you can tell she needs Diamonds on collar to out bling all other dogs while out walking. I suggest using diamante, cheaper and she wont know the difference.

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    PS: I also believe that with all that love you guys give her that has kept her alive all this time, that same love will get her walking. :)

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Awww sweet baby! Its the love that's kept him going. :)

    My dog, is a Yorkie/Maltese mix so only about 10/11 lbs. (had to share pic of her) Would you be willing to make one for me to buy for my dog? I need one of these. Do you sell them? If so, how much? (I am a metal-smith and artist painter and I've never worked with leather a day in my life, with the small exception of using it as a cord for jewelry. Please let me know in a message if possible.(PS: I only uploaded the pic once, but on my screen it shows 3 images!!!! (and I don't drink! lol)

    Nessi as a baby October 2009.jpg
    1 reply