LED Acrylic Sign-Halloween




Introduction: LED Acrylic Sign-Halloween

Halloween is just in a few days so I thought about doing something related to it and the other day I bought the materials I needed to do and acrylic sign so I thought about mixing them and his was the result.

As you can see it's really cool and quite easy to do so I totally recomend you to build it. Also the you can make as many signs as you want and change them depending on the time. For example I'm gonna do more for Christmas and I'll post some photos so that you can see the result. It colud also be cool doing some signs for a birthday or anything else. So as you can see there are thousands of odds so read all the instructable and follow me for more great ideas.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


-Wood for the box

-3 LEDs

-A 110kOhm resistor

-A switch

-Some wire

-A 9v battery clip

-A 9v battery

-Soldering iron

-A perfboard

-Acrylic(you can also use and old transparent plastic piece from,for example, a cd case)



-Dremel rotatory tool

-Hot glue gun

Step 2: The Circuit

In first place you have to cut the perfboard for the circuit.After cutting it place all the components to see how you should solder them.When you have decided how to place them start soldering them. Then cut the legs of the components.

Cut a piece of wire and strip the end. Solder it to the negative side of the circuit and also solder the negative wire of the battery clip to the switch. Then solder the positive wire of the battery clip to the positive side of the circuit.

Put the battery and test it.

Step 3: The Box

Cut pieces of wood to do a box of the measure you decide. Measure the distance between each led and draw it on the wood. With the drill make the holes for the leds and the switch.

Glue a the pieces together and place the circuit inside. Glue it. Put all the pieces together and ad some wood ornaments to deccorate it. Also glue two pieces of wood to stand the acrylic.

Try the box.

Step 4: The Sign

Draw or print the design you want to make but remember to do it backwards beacuse the leds will illuminate it better if you draw the design on the back of the acrylic. With some tape place the design on the acrylic.

Start carving with the dremel following the design.Clean it.

Step 5: Finally...

Put the acrylic on its place and turn on the leds.The result is amazing. Hope you have a great Halloween and eat lots of Candy.=)

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4 years ago

Think I might sand some LED's to where two opposite sides are flat and have this as one solid "sheet".

Thanks for sharing!