LED Backlit Bed Head - Touch Activated

Introduction: LED Backlit Bed Head - Touch Activated

LED Strip Lighting with touch sensitive post cap. To activate the LEDs I touch the copper capping on the post of the bed. There are three light level intensities, low, medium and bright which are activated in sequence before the fourth touch turns it off. If you like to read in bed and wanted to show off the wall paper behind the bed then think LED strip lighting

Step 1: Procure the Items

What you will need:

1) Touch switch - 12volt on ebay for a few dollars from china

2) 12 Volt battery eliminator/adaptor/charger, just need 1 amp and can be a reused item or new.

3) 5 or less metres of flexible adhesive backed LEDs. Again ebay for a few dollars.

4) Metal pad you can touch to activate this. For me I have copper post caps on the bed so I'm using one of them as the touch pad.

5) Tools, Soldering iron, solder, cutters and a small screw driver.

Step 2: Assemble the Parts

OK you have the parts and now need to connect these together. If you are not confident with using a soldering iron you can use connectors to join the items together.

a) As they all come with cables to the circuits we just need to strip the insulation and connect the parts(either solder or connectors). If you use solder ensure you use a tape to insulate the bare wires. Self adhesive silicon rubber or other tape will do.

b) Screw, glue or fix the items to the back of the bed head.

c) Connect the touch sensitive cable from the switch to the post cap or your chosen metal contact point.

d) Connect supply to the try it out.

Step 3: Touch to Turn on and Off

Well now wait for bed time and enjoy the enhanced experience.

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