LED Bag Toss Boards and Bags

Introduction: LED Bag Toss Boards and Bags

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Bag Toss is one of the best tailgating, camping and back yard game to play. Theses are a good project to make. I made mine the tailgating size which is 2 ft x 3 ft. I used 2x4's for the frame of the boards. I used corn to fill the bags that I made.

start with the leds

Step 1: Supples and Tools




jig saw

tape measure

paint brush


circular saw

sewing machine

solder iron


2 (2 ft x 3 ft) wood board for top pieces

2x4's 20 feet or so



sand paper


duck cloth fabric





Step 2: Building Frame and Legs:

The first thing you wanna do is cut to pieces of wood 2 feet by 3 feet. I used half inch pieces of wood for the top pieces. Then used 2x4s for the frame. I lined up the 2x4s with the frame and marked lines for cutting. Then I screwed the frame to the 2 foot by 3 foot top piece of wood. Then you are going to need to make the legs for it. The length of these depend on the angle you want your bag to be at. I cut a 33 degree angle at the bottom. Then at the top of the legs your going to wanna round them so they can be closed into frame when not playing. I used a jig saw. I used bolt to bolt the legs into the frame.

Step 3: Painting

I decided to paint my boards two different colors. First you are going to wanna sand all surfaces of the wood so that the primer will stick to the wood better. The primer will allow the paint to go on better. After i primed the wood I painted white on the edge of the wood and on top the wood in about 4 inches. Then let this dry. Then I added to inch tape on the edge to mark where the the red and white will meet. Then paint red over the tape and let dry. Then you wanna go back and paint the white, this will make it so that the red does not bleed into the white paint.

Step 4: Make the Bags:

8 bags total- 4 of each color you choose.

I used duck cloth for my bags it is a more heavier fabric.

I used corn to fill my bags.

For each bag I cut two pieces of fabric the size of 7 inches by 7 inches.

I folded a half inch on both of the sides over and sewed 3 of the 4 sides completly.

Then on the fourth side you sew the side leaving about an inch unsewed.

Then flip the bag from inside out to how its gonna be. Then use a funnel to add the corn.

Then hand sew the hole you left that you added the corn in.

Step 5: Adding LEDs

I added led lights to my boards. I can power the lights two ways both of 12 volts. The first way is i have battery packs that hold 4 AA batteries each. I have two of these connected together putting out twelve volts. The other I power them is with 12 volt batteries that I made connectors for that sit behind the boards. I have a 130 ohm resister in series with 3 leds. red wire-resistor-led-wire-led-wire-led wire-black wire. All sets of three leds are wired in series. Then all of those are wired in parallel. Connecting all the red wire to positive and all black wires to negitive.

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    4 years ago

    Nice job on the cornhole boards! I like the LED's for night time play. We sell a few boards and might have to incorporate that idea rather than just lighting the hole.