LED Battery Powered Circuit

Introduction: LED Battery Powered Circuit

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this is the circuit I designed to fit in with my Whitty Bills light box. it consist of three ultra bright LEDs but you can add more without decreasing the brightness as ive designed it as a parallel circuit.

you will need;

- Three LEDs (any colour or size, I designed it for three LEDs but if you work it out, im sure you will find the correct resistor)

- 330R resistor

- 9V battery strap

- 9V battery

- multi strand wire

- strip board (30mm by 30mm ay least 6 holes in both directions)

- switch

- soldering iron and solder

- PCB holder

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Step 1: Stripboard

the first step is using a strip board guillotine to cut a piece with 6 holes in both directions. this will be about 30mm by 30mm.

Step 2: Preparing the LEDs

to do this step, use ire strippers to strip about 4mm of rubber cording off the wire at both ends. make each LED wire about 60mm in length. make sure you strip both black and red wires as this will make it much easier.

spin the red stripped wire around the longest leg of the LED and make sure it is very tight. you are able to use shrink wire to neaten the soldering up and to stop short cuts.

repeat this for both legs on all three of the LEDs. it would help if you insert the LED into PCB holder to make soldering quicker and easier.

Step 3: Resistor

insert the resistor into the board and solder. look tat the picture to see where it will have to go.

Step 4: Switch

the switch is the easiest piece to solder. this is a slide switch and isn't polarised. this means it doesn't need to placed a certain way for it to work. use the wires you stripped in the second step and thread one of them through the centre pin (leg) then thread the second through one of the others. insert the switch into the PCB holder and solder the wire on.

Step 5: Finishing

insert the battery clip and the other components into the board following the drawing i made. make sure each component is facing the right way, the positive leg of the battery strap needs to be connected to the positive leg on the LED. YOU HAVE NOW COMPLETED IT!!!!! using 3d design software or 2D design, you are able to design different lamps or other circuits you can add this too. email me if you need any further help or more detailed instructions

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