LED Bookmark

Introduction: LED Bookmark


Binder Clip

Craft Foam Sheets

3V Coin Battery

LED Lights

Electrical Tape

Spray Adhesive Craft Glue

Step 1:

Cut a piece of craft foam that will wrap all the way around your binder clip. Spray one side of the foam with the craft glue and adhere it to the binder clip, starting and ending on the inside of the clip, so the entire clip is covered. Set aside

Step 2:

Cut out the shape you would like to be on your bookmark (e.g. Dinosaur, Robot, Letter, Flower, etc.) Push the LED light leads through the craft foam where you would like them to light up (tip: put the LEDs close to each other as it is harder to attach them to the same battery, and therefore the binder clip if they are far apart.)

Step 3:

Take a 3V coin battery and use a small square of electrical tape to attach the positive LED leads to the positive side of the battery (i.e. the longer LED leads)

Step 4:

With craft glue, attach the battery to one side of the top of the binder clip using the side of the battery covered in electrical tape to protect your LED leads and battery.

Step 5: Done!!

Your bookmark is made! Now when you pinch the binder clip to take it off or put it on a book, the negative LED leads will be pressed to the negative side of the battery and will cause your LEDs to light up!

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Question??? Does the light illuminate to read well or is it overly blinding with angle? I love Binder Clips I use them daily! I love Books too!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! I'm too afraid to destroy my books with binder clips, otherwise I'd be all over this. (All over this like a dinosaur on Dickens or a tyrannosaurus on Tolstoy.)