Introduction: LED CD Lamp CMH

This lamp is very useful, and can be used as a great light source. There is a wood base that is a great place to put sticky notes or papers.

Step 1: Get the Materials

Here is a list of parts that you will need:

7 diodes
2 CDs
7 100 ohm resistors
USB cord
1" PVC Pipes
2 PVC Elbows
Block of wood
Electrical tape

Step 2: Put Holes in CD

Drill 7 holes around the outer part of the CD. Make sure that the holes are the same size as the diodes so they will fit in easily. The holes should all be an equal distance apart.

Step 3: Making the Circuit

Put your diodes in the holes in the CD, and make sure the flat side is facing out. On the longer of the two wires of the diode, twist on a 100 ohm resistor. Bend the wires with the resistors towards the center of the CD, while the other wire will bend out to the side. Take a long, separate wire and strip it if needed. Twist it around the wires of the diodes that do not have a resistor. Make sure that wire does not touch the wire of the resistor. After connecting the wire to each diode, keep the extra wire hanging off. Do the same with all the resistors connected. Solder each connecting wires. Makes sure the wires of the inner and out circle do not touch each other and cover any wire with electrical tape. Tape another CD  on top of the CD with the circuit on it.

Step 4: Connect USB to Circuit

First you will strip the red and black wires in the USB cord. The wires are very small and fragile so be careful. With the remaining wire of the inner and outer circles, you will connect the inner circle wire to the red and the outer circle wire to the black. You can twist the wires together and then solder the wires together for the red and black.

Step 5: Super Gluing

Drill a small hole at the bottom of the long PVC to allow the wire to go through. Super glue a long PVC pipe to the PVC elbow. To the elbow, super glue a small PVC pipe piece. On to that superglue another PVC elbow. Take your USB cord and insert the USB adapter through the last elbow and down the pipe. Super glue the top of the CD to the elbow. When everything in super glued, super glue the bottom of the PVC pipe to the block of wood and make sure it is sturdy standing up. Make sure the wire goes through the hole at the bottom of the pipe.

Step 6: Plug in Your Lamp!

Finally, test to see if your lamp works by plugging it in! You can either plug it into an outlet with an adaptor or plug it into a computer for traveling needs. Congratulations, you have just successfully made an LED CD lamp! Go show your friends your new awesome creation!

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