Introduction: LED CHASER-15 MODE

Its my LED chaser made by using Micro controller MSP430G2553.Its an 8 led chaser.here i give you the PCB and circuit diagram for all,

Step 1: Components




3. micro controller(msp430g2553)

4.ULN 2803


6.Regulator-LM317 or AMS1117

Step 2: Circuit

This is the circuit diagram of my chaser.

The controller is MSP430G2553 its the taxes instrument micro controller and programmed with Texas launch pad

8 leds are used here and the leds are driven by ULN2803.the controller is operated in an input voltage range of 1.8 to 3.6 v,so we are using a variable regulator ic LM317 or you can use AMS1117.The values of resistors used are noted in the circuit diagram

Step 3: PCB

The images shows the PCB and the 3d view of PCB.Here i used Altium designer for design our PCB.Altium designer give a nice 3D view of PCB

Step 4: Video

Here is the video of my chaser.Hope everyone will like it and i expect your valuable suggestions.The micro controller program can do with your ideas and creativity and can generate variety of modes.If anyone need the program feel free to ask.You can download the PCB documents of this LED chaser from HERE



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    8 months ago

    Dear i amwaiting for code


    8 months ago

    can you send me the code at yptrio@gmail.com.

    Thanks in advance

    it's beautifull project. can you sent the code.

    1 reply

    Hello friend, where to send the code?? :) i did this prject in msp430 microcontroller.i will send that program if you want..

    Thank you friend...my first post deleted when i try to change the main picture...thanks for your sincere support