LED Cardboard Lantern

Introduction: LED Cardboard Lantern

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This is a voice respond LED carboard lantern.Matt and I made it 3 years ago. :-P

But if you don't have the pcba, you can build a normal LED rainbow lantern.

LED voice respond carboard lantern.

LED voice respond carboard lantern.

A video posted by Honghong Lu (@honghong.lu) on Feb 26, 2016 at 6:26am PST

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Step 1: Materials

1. Cardboard

2. Rubber band

3. voice respond pcba+battery (you can build yours by following the schematic), or you can use a CR2032 coin cell batteries + RGB Rainbow Slow Flashing LED to make it as a normal rainbow LED lantern

Step 2: Carve 2 Cardboards Like the Photos, Then Attach Them With Rubber Band Like the Photo.

It is the cardboard sculpture I learn from the TV over 20 years ago, I really can not tell who designed it.

Assemble two cardboards with a rubber band like the photos. The cardboard box will automatically muster once nothing push them. I like to smash it and release it when i was young. :-P

Step 3: Assemble Your Voice Respond Pcba

Then mount it inside the cardboard lantern.

I had a little hard time to find the schematic in the computer. I will update it when I find it.

There is two parts of the schematic. One is make from NPN transistors (2N2222) and some other resistors and capacitors and diode 1N4148 for the sound detect parts. The other is DC-DC boost circuit.

Step 4: Or Use RGB Rainbow Slow Flashing LED

Connect the RGB Rainbow Slow Flashing LED and a 100~200ohm resistor to CR2032 coin cell battery to make another simple version LED lantern.

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