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So when it comes to Christmas....I pull out all the stops. I saw a like design in a retail store ($100) and wanted to see if I could make one for myself. Along the way I decided that it would look great as a tree topper or just as a wall ornament. In any case, what could be cooler than this project that gets pulled out each year for the holidays and becomes a great family memory.

Step 1: Lets Get to Work...

I created a video covering all the steps. I will also outline all the steps.....

Step 2: Parts

To complete this project, you will only need to purchase 2 items:

1) copper fairy led lights - length of about 20+ bulbs - bought for $2 on ebay

2)18 gauge copper wire

Other items you should have

1)small brad nails

2)small cut of plywood


4)soldering iron

Step 3: Setup Your Template

Copy your shape to the wood work surface and drill holes in locations to bend wire. Bend all your arms of the snowflake.

Step 4: Start Constructing

Solder the arms of the snowflake together. I choose to only solder one connection from each snowflake to make rapping the led lights easier.

Step 5: Start Rapping - Flava Flav

Ok..time to rap your LED lights around the snowflake. Take your time here and space your LEDs carefully.

Step 6: PARTY TIME - Enjoy Your Hard Work

So I powered my LED with a 120v transformer that I had laying around my house. You could do this or just power it by the included battery pack. All your choice!

Merry Christmas to you all!



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