Custom Glowing 7"x7"x7" LED Ice Block & Rubber Moldmaking




Introduction: Custom Glowing 7"x7"x7" LED Ice Block & Rubber Moldmaking

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Giant Glowing LED Ice Cube for random fun & illumination.

Who doesn't like a cool glowing block of ice to set a drink on or enjoy outside on a balmy summer night?
Or enjoy a bit of ice carving!


1. Water

2. Old go pro or upcycled clear plastic box

3. Equinox Food Safe Rubber Mold

4. Water proof LED cocktail light

Here are some Links to the LED GLOWING ICE CUBE in action:

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Step 1: Creating the Rubber Mold

Be sure to wear gloves that are suited for mold making in a very well ventilated area with proper respirator or mask.

Gently apply premixed 1:1 Equinox mold putty to wax sculpture or object you wish to cast in ice.

Be sure that you have evenly applied a good coat of release for easy removal of the rubber mold after it cures.
This also helps preserve the original victory wax sculpture from extra man handling.

Also try and avoid overhangs or creating molds that will be difficult to remove after curing. If new to this try simple shapes or objects first.

Be sure to be aware of mix ratios, molding/working time and time it takes for the mold to cure properly.

Room environment like cold or humidity will affect the cure time.
A good dry warm place will help the curing process.

After applying an even layer which you will feel cure to a sturdy thickness.
Clean your hands well, take a break and let it cure out in a safe place.

Step 2: Freeze Time

Gently move your water filled mold to the freezer. You can use distilled water or a splash of salt, (bubbling) for clearer ice.

Place weighted go pro or clear plastic cube within the mold to create the LED enclosure.

Step 3: Gently Remove Rubber Mold... Free the Ice!

Now that the ice mold is frozen. Gently work your fingers in between the rubber mold & ice casting until the ice creation is free from the rubber mold.

Step 4: Place LED & Enjoy the Glow!

Now that the ice mold is frozen.

Place the LED cocktail light in the pre-frozen enclosure & sit back to enjoy!


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    6 Discussions

    Luminous Wonder
    Luminous Wonder

    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you Jennifer! :)

    Am hoping to get better pictures & post new instructables soon..

    I like cats
    I like cats

    5 years ago on Introduction

    nice job I can never think of anything like that. WAY TO GO!!!!!

    Luminous Wonder
    Luminous Wonder

    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you! Thank you!

    Am new to sharing my silly creations on Instructables.. this being one of my first. Really appreciate the kudos!

    Hope you enjoy it's cooling powers & illumination on a good beverage when you make it.

    I may be making a giant glowing ice sea shell soon too.