LED Desktop Accent Light With Adjustable Head




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I wanted to make a desktop light that was directional and could be positioned in a way that would light up a single wall in a room. After doing some research I decided the easiest way to achieve this effect was to buy a typical Swivel mount ceiling fixture and modify it. The fixture I went with fits gu10 style led bulbs and is readily available in your local home improvement store. Other than that the only things you will need is some wood for a base, a switch if you want one, and a standard power cord.

Step 1: The Build

The wood you use should be somewhat heavy to provide a nice solid base for the fixture. I had some 1" MDF left over from a project that worked out fine. I used a router to cut a circle out of it and decided to give the top edge a rounded over profile while I still had the router out and ready. You can use many different tools to cut a circle out of wood from a table saw to a jig saw its really up to you. I used a drill to make the power cord hole in from the side and down from the top being careful not to go completely through. I also used a drill to mount the 6 amp 125ac volt toggle switch on the base. As far as the wiring goes its just a matter of connecting them as shown in the diagram.



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