L.E.D Dice(with Speed Control,without Arduino)

Introduction: L.E.D Dice(with Speed Control,without Arduino)

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Hi,in this tutorial I am going to show you how to make a simple L.E.D dice without using arduino. Last month while searching on instructables I found an interesting instructable Arduino L.E.D Dice having nice page views about 90 K and it attracted me but being a hobbyist I tried to make it less complex as well as cheap,I am not saying that instructable was not good as the person is having good knowledge (who made it) and the instructable was just awesome and neatly built!Here's a new instructable about making L.E.D dice.While surfing on internet I found that IC CD4017 is mostly used in such kind of projects and I started finding out some schematics and the mixture of different website's schematics made this device.Some of them are :- Circuit digest,555 timer circuits etc.One more interesting feature of this is that we can change the speed of shuffling of the L.E.D s.Here are some videos:-

In action :-

Changing speed :-

Modifications :-

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Step 1: Things Required

Things Required :-

  1. CD4017 IC
  2. 555 timer IC
  3. 10 uf capacitor (polarized)
  4. 10 K variable resistor
  5. 2 X 1 kilo ohm resistor
  6. 6 X L.E.D s
  7. Push button (optional)
  8. 8 pin IC socket
  9. 16 pin IC socket
  10. Solder wire
  11. 9 volt battery connector
  12. Push button (optional)
  13. Some wires

Tools :-

  1. Soldering iron
  2. A pair of scissors

Misc. :-

  1. Cardboard
  2. Pencil
  3. Pin

Step 2: Making DIY Circuit Board

Take a small piece of cardboard depending on your soldering skills ,if you are a beginner then choose a little bigger one.If you don't have enough time then use pref board.Draw the circuit on cardboard and make holes using a pin.Make sure that the holes are big enough for the component pins to be inserted.

Step 3: Inserting Components

Insert all the components carefully checking the terminals of capacitor,L.E.D s and for variable resistor the two pins that are aligned in same are joined in same line and the third pin is the one that represents the arrow.Fold the pins so that they don't come out while soldering.

Step 4: Soldering

Firstly solder all connections between the components and then solder all positive side connections and at last solder all ground connections.Carefully solder the IC socket pins.Check the pin outs firsly about both IC s' from the pictures above.

Step 5: Inserting Components

Insert CD4017 and 555 timer correctly and also terminals of 9 volt battery connector.We can replace the push button with touch terminals.Touch terminals make more sense than push button , try to make everything BETTER.......

Step 6: Making Enclosure

I had used old CD cover for making enclosure for the device.You can use a classical enclosure- wood ; strong - metal ; Sleek - coating of rubber cement. Finally use super glue to fix everything.I used simple crafting glue.

Step 7: Done !!

Dice is used to play many games like snake ladder, Ludo etc. Generally dice is made up of wooden or plastic, which gets deformed with time and become biased. A Digital dice is a good alternative of old fashioned dice, it can’t be biased or deformed. It operates at such high speed that no one can cheat. To create this digital dice circuit, we have mainly used 555 timer IC and 4017 IC. We can change frequency also making it more adaptable.

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    3 years ago

    Here is a video on a similar project from the 200 in 1 electronic kit called electronic counter. It is similar but a bit more complex using flip flops and NAND gates to pulse back and forth numbers and l.e.ds.


    4 years ago

    Amazing project! Playing games with this kind of dice would be real fun :). The good thing is that it doesn't use arduino.