LED Do It Yourself Night Light DIY




Introduction: LED Do It Yourself Night Light DIY

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LED night light from scrap wood and acrylic.

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Step 1: Start With a Dry Banch and a Piece of Acrylic Glass

Saw of three slices from the banch and two rectangular pieces acrylic glass. Stack all parts together and mark the edge on the acrylic glass pieces. Saw the acrylic parts stack it again and drill a big center hole and smaler holes for screws right and left. Then screw everything together and grind the outside.

Step 2: Baseplate and Battery Compartment

Draw a base on which the piece of wood fits & the slices have to cover the battery compartment and the space for the switch. Mark the battery compartment saw it out and drill a hole for the switch. Grind the edge and check if the batteries and switch fits. Drill small holes to screw the base to the upper part and wide the holes with a sinker drill. Screw both parts together with small screws.

Step 3: LED and Finish

Solder 2 leds together to plus and minus cables. You need two of them and cover the solder joints with shrink tube.

Stick the leds to the height of the acrylic glass. Short the cables, twist the plus and minus together and solder them to the battery compartment. Screw everything together stock the battery compartment and check if it works. Look at my other work.


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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    If you sand the sides of the acrilyc it will disburse lite better


    Reply 3 years ago

    It is not smooth from the inside from the drill. A night light should not be too light.