LED Dog Bed




Now for the materials you need a big old box, LEDs, a switch, wires, a knife, a pen a ruler, a dog bed, an old blanket, and resisters.I want to make this easy for everyone. So if it's not just tell me. I mite of left some stuff out.

Step 1: Door

Now to make the door. First Measure you dog and put twice marks and the box with the pen. Next draw lines down with the ruler. Then cut out the hole. Put your dog to see if he/she will fit. Finally If you want (I did) make the walls more straight.

Step 2: Walls

Get an old blanket make sure that it has your sent on it. I rubbed it on me really fast as you could see. Put the blanket in the box tape the sides onto parts of the blanket. Secure The sides with some tape. Make sure that the flaps can move. Tape the front the the front of the door.

Step 3: Bed

This step is the simplest. Just put the dog bed in.

Step 4: The Electronics

Make a simple Circuit. Add a switch to 2 LED and resisters. Try it out. If it works great. I would not suggest using alligator clips for this job.

Step 5: Paint (work in Progress)

To make it ready for paint wrap it around with masking tape. Paint this masking tape. And you are done!



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    4 years ago

    Thank you I guess the picture I wanted didn't come up. I will work on that.