LED Door Plate That Shines and Barks When You Walk By

Introduction: LED Door Plate That Shines and Barks When You Walk By

I've always wanted a door plate after traveling to Japan and seeing those nice door plates of Japanese families.

My husband finally made one for me and surprised me tonight.

For material,It requires

-scrap wood


-arduino promini


-ultrasonic module

-recording module

For tools,you will be needing

-table saw

-laser cutting machine


-wood oil

We will be upload the making-of video of the LED door plant later ;)

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Step 1: Cut the Scrap Wood to the Right Size

Cut the scrap wood to the right size.

Here I used Festool trimming saw.

Step 2: Laser Cutting the Wood and Acrylic

after sanding the wood with electronic sander,you need to design your logo with the software that comes with the laser cutting machine.

Then laser cut the wood.

Here we also cut two pieces of acrylic, one white and one transparent.

I will be gluing them all together later.

Step 3: Glu the Wood and Acrylic Together.

Use the sandpaper and wood-oil to bring out the texture of the wood.

And glu the wood and acrylic together.

The wood should be in front and the transparent acrylic should be in the back.
The white acrylic is support to bring out the LED color.

Step 4: Here Comes the Electronic Part.

Basically iron-soldering the arduino-promini,microphone,ultra-sonic module together and use double-sided tape to stick them on the back of the acrylic.

And stick the LED on the bottom of the acrylic.

Step 5: Burn in the Firmware.

Burn in the firmware. And that's it. It's working!

Step 6: Install It on Your Wall.

The last step is install the door plant on you wall.

You need to find a proper supply for the LED door plate.

We used the power in our access control system.

That's all!

Thank you.

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    4 years ago

    This turned out really nicely! Great job, thanks for sharing the details of the build :)