LED Finger Lights and 3D Printing

Introduction: LED Finger Lights and 3D Printing

I have several of these LED finger lights left over from a birthday party. I wanted to use my 3D printer to make some neat stuff that would utilize these lights.

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Step 1: Use a CAD Program to Make a Design

You can use any CAD program that you are familiar with. I used open SCAD to model these parts. There is a great instructable which talks about Open SCAD. The only measurement that I need was the diameter of the LED.

Step 2: Some Design Ideas

I made two designs, the first is for a desktop display and used 3 of the finger lights.

I designed a box and the removed the back, cut 3 holes to hold the LED and then glued them in place using Elmer's Pro Bond Advanced glue.

The second design is a round plate with a place to mount 5 LED lights on the back. The mounts are printed snug so for this application there was no need to glue them.

Step 3: The Idea Is to Make Some Display Items for the Orlando Maker Farie

Theses items will sit on my display table and show off how easy it is to make stuff with a 3D printer.

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