Bike Helmet Flashlight Mod

1. Simple small flashlight
2. Two zip ties
3. A bike helmet with multiple vent holes in it.

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Step 1: Add 1st Zip Tie to Bike Helmet

loop zip tie, front to back of helmet, thru rear and center vent and tighten it down. Don't worry, only the other zip tie will need to slip underneath this zip tie.

Step 2: Add 2nd Zip Tie and Flashlight

Slip the second zip tie under the first one you just installed on helmet. Loop/Connect the zip tie , BUT before tightening it down, slide the flashlight in , and tighten it down good. As you can see on my flashlight, there is grip on either side of the flashlight to keep the zip tie from slipping off!!

Step 3: Automatic Bonus -adjustable

Add some rubber-bands and or more zip ties if you feel it's not sturdy enough.

Works great, lasts long and nice and bright. Out flashlight has the button on the back of it and My 3 year old was able to operate flashlight on/off while wearing bike helmet on his first try

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