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Introduction: LED Frosties

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Light up your cooler with some waterproofed LED lights. They're simple to make and easy to reuse.

Step 1: Light It Up

All you need is a couple dozen 10mm diffused LEDs and some CR2032 batteries. Clip the leads a little and slide the battery up between them. If it didn't light up, flip it the other way.

Now tape it up and repeat until you have a small pile of glowing lights.

Step 2: Start the Wrap

Tear off a square of plastic wrap and push the LED light up into the middle of it.

Now pull the rest of the plastic wrap back so it looks like a plastic comet.

Step 3: Tie It Up

Twist the tail a little tighter and knot it up. You can trim the excess off or leave it.

If you have some small Ziploc-style bags you can use one or two of those instead. You could also try doubling back the plastic wrap and make it more secure. I just had a bunch of LEDs, batteries, and drinks lying around so I put this together and it worked for the few hours I needed it.

Step 4: Toss Them Into the Ice and Stir

Spread the lights around the ice in the cooler and stir it up a bit so some of them get under the ice to create the glowing effect.

Step 5: Add Drinks and Enjoy

Do you need a description here? Get some drinks and enjoy!

Break the plastic wrap when you're done to save the LEDs and batteries for later.

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    Christmas ornaments or halloween decorations when they go on sale. Most light up ones have LEDs in them.

    some of the toys in many of the kids meals have toys with lights you could recycle those From Doo Da Do

    You know, if you put these in the heat-sealed plastic bags, but made the bags kind of sculpted so the narrow LEDs and wider battery couldn't change places, *and* left a little air in on purpose, would these float in water?

    Depending on the amount of air, could you get these to float at different levels in the pool?

    That would be nicer. I've been meaning to try some soldering iron heat-sealing for a little while now.

    Yea, don't buy LED's from radio shack if possible, trust me their a lot more expensive than eBay's, and they SUCK!!!! >:(

    true that Radioshack blows when it comes to LED's, I bought (then returned) a 5 watt blue LED that I payed $4 for and it wasn't even that bright

    Ebay is the best place. I got 50 leds + 50 batteries for about $30. Didnt have to pay customs since its marked as a "gift"

    I've found RS LEDs to be dimmer and more expensive and have a slim selection of colors. If you want to play with LEDs, you're much better off ordering them online.

    this right here - - is downright fackN awesome! - - it's a definite party.pleaser! tnx!