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LED Globe is a light consisting of 240 LEDs, which gives a very pleasant light, at the same time lighting up the whole room. It is suitable to be hung in your Drawing room, Dining room or Bedroom. It runs on 12 volt 1 Amp. AC Transformer connected to the house mains of 220 or 110 Volts.

Step 1: Things You Will Need: -

One AC Transformer of 220 to 12 volt AC, 1Amp.

240 Bright White LED’s size 5mm.

Mild steel wire to make the supporting rings.

Electrical thin wire, solder etc.
5mm Iron Rod to make the HOOK.

Step 2: Construction of the GLOBE

Make 3 Big Rings out of the Mild steel wire of the same size and 2 small rings of same size.

Tie up the 2 Vertical rings with the Horizontal ring with thin wires as shown in the illustration. Take care to see that there is no electrical connection between the Vertical and Horizontal Rings.

Wrap cello tape around the Horizontal rings to make it a bad conductor to Electricity.

Now tie up the 2 small rings, one at the top and the other at the bottom of the GLOBE.

Take care so that there is no electrical contact between the Big rings and the Small Rings.

Step 3: Circuit for the LED's

Circuit for the LED’s.

Here we will be using two types of LED circuit for this project.

8 Double Row and 8 Single Row of LED’s.

5 LED’s have been used in one ROW because……………

12v x 1.4 = 16.8

16.8 divided by 3.5v = 4.8 or say 5 LED’s. in one row.


12 volt AC has been provided to 5 plus and 5 minus LED’s. In the Double Row LED’s.

The same 12 volt is connected to the single rows, See Diagram.

Step 4: Placement of the Rows

It is shown in this Diagram the placement of Double and Single Rows of LED's.

Step 5: Rows of LED's

In this step we see as to how the Rows of LED’s are connected to the wire frame.

After each Double Row of LED’s a Single Row of LED’s are placed to fill up the gap in the GLOBE.

In the Double Row LED’s the top and bottom are soldered to the two small rings at both ends and the middle (5 LED’s) are soldered to the Horizontal big ring.

The 2 Small rings are connected to one Terminal and the Horizontal big ring is connected to the other Terminal of the 12volt Transformer.

Step 6: Transformer

Place the Transformer in a box fixed to the Hook from which the LED GLOBE is to be hung in the room.

Plug in the Transformer to the mains and enjoy the light.

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3 years ago

this looks awesome!! do you think you could help me out on project im working on

Samantha Led

4 years ago on Introduction

So nice !

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6 years ago on Introduction

Great job Dipankar! This is a simple LED ball,if you wanna some information to make a full color LED ball,I'd like to offer more some tech info,but it's very complicated,it can't make by hand,it's picture at http://www.univiewled.com/creative/led-ball.html,if you wanna more info,I can get at carolcycling@gmail.com


8 years ago on Introduction

Would be interesting to have them mounted on one of those expanding spherical sculptures.


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Thanks Pal,
I have not yet thought about my next Project.
The inspiration should come on its own.

Great job Dipankar. Check out my instructable too: https://www.instructables.com/id/Super-Simple-Automated-LED-Wardrobe-Lights/


8 years ago on Introduction

In india, u should really start selling this kind of stuff...
I dont think iv seen something so creative around!

7 replies

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

How much did you sell it for :O

btw, you could improve efficiency by wiring all the leds in series using 240v DC.


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Yeah i meant 220v.

AC supply-Bridge rectifier-220v DC

Only problem is that in places like india, there are frequent fluctuations and that could result in problems (i have seen 195-246v) in my area


8 years ago on Introduction

Really neat Idea..... as there is no real need for this sphere to be hollow in terms of light emission ,instead of constructing fiddly wire hoops ,why not purchase a large polystyrene ball and mount the leds on the surface.Electrical insulation would be easier and the whole very light. Of course if you were to insulate carefully you could cover the poly ball in aluminium foil for extra reflection and for extra perzazz include a few rainbow slow colour change leds in the mix.

1 reply

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

The problem with the slow change is that they would keep flashing on and off because of the AC so it wouldnt create the same effect, but it would look epic