LED Gingerbread House "Loveshack"





Introduction: LED Gingerbread House "Loveshack"

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For the holidays I host an annual gingerbread house decorating event with friends. This year, we stepped it up a notch and built an LED gingerbread house "loveshack".

This is really easy to build with basic electronics knowledge. You'll need:
The Open Heart Kit has excellent instructions on how to put it together and get your heart working. It's very easy. I would suggest reading its instructions and programming away. 



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    I just made a gingerbread house too! Check it out on my Tumblr at GoSphero.Tumblr.com. I should have used LEGO pieces though and I love the LED!

    The gummy fish over the doorway is a nice touch! Judging by the scale of the fish to the house, i'd say you have a tiger shark up there! That is quite a catch!

    Oh me too! Unfortunately we said goodbye to the Gingerbread House last winter. I'll keep that in mind if we do something similar next year :)