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Introduction: LED Glow Cloud

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Hey, This is super easy and very cheap project to make and it also looks amazing in your room.

For this all you need is SOME LED LIGHTS or fairy lights, COTTON WOOL, CLEAR PLASTIC BOTTLE and HOT GLUE GUN.


Step 1: WATCH VIDEO!!!

To better understand process, I have made a video. Like and please share this video with anyone who would like to make this amazing decoration.


Step 2: Glue Glue Glue

So you im sure all of you can find a clear plastic bottle. But if you dont have a cotton wool dont panic, you may find it inside an old cushion like i did. Now take your plastic bottle and cover one side in hot glue. Now take a bit of cotton wool and stick it to bottle. You need to Cover all bottles surface with cotton wool so it looks like cloud. keep bottles neck and a bit on side uncovered.

Step 3: Lights

So you can use LED's or christmas lights, but then you get to think of a power source and wires. I had some battery powered fairy lights. Now put these lights into a bottle through its neck. once thats done glue battery pack to side of the bottle using hot glue. make sure you glue it the right way around, because you will need to change batteries eventually. Now cover everything with cotton wool mask bottles neck and battery pack in cotton wool. Next find some fishing line so its less visible, if you dont have one well stiching string will do just fine. tie it around your cloud from two sides and now you can hang it to your ceiling. turn the light of in your room and turn your cloud on. I was actually impressed how cool it looks. so go ahead try it.

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    I bought a paper lantern at the dollar store and made this after watching man vs pin.

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    Oh hey i saw man vs pin do the a while ago thought about doing it myself really cool idea

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