LED Glowstick

Introduction: LED Glowstick

So I finally decided to post my first instructable. Since,
I had many LED's in my house I decided to use them
starting with a simple Glow-stick that anyone could make
as the materials are quite common to find in home
this one would be a good instructable. So
.......... Lets not waste anymore time and begin

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Step 1: Get the Tools

The tools are quite easy to find
to begin with we'll be using

an Ink cartridge ( pelikan would do )
a box knife
a Compass ( or any pointy material )
an LED
Led button cells batteries

optional materials :-

cell holder or tape

Step 2: Getting Started

a box knife is ideal and all you have to do is
cut the end of the cartridge like in the image.
Next step will show how to extract the ink
in it

Step 3: Getting the Base Ready

To extract the ink i suggest you poke
a tiny hole in the head of the cartridge
with a compass/divisor . Allow ink to
enter the ink pot and allow excess ink
on the tissue.

Step 4: Finalizing

now all you have to do is get the cartridge
washed . get the LED inserted in it
( standard size LED's fits perfect ) . You
can even use a switch if you like . Once
your done with that proceed to next step .

Step 5: Enjoy

Congrats you completed the project . Its
show time now so lights OFF ! . Well I
hope you enjoyed this instructable and
I might be back with another one ..........
.........................  see ya all later !

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