LED Goggle

Introduction: LED Goggle

Hello there,

This is my first upload on Instructable.

It is simple LED circuit made by connecting them in parallel manner to a power supply.

This LED Goggle can be used for Keyboard Light in case for shortage of power and it can also be used as emergency light in same situation.

To make this I have used my old broken frame of my lens and I have fitted the whole assembly in it.

The main purpose behind this is, I want to use my old frame for something useful reason and I did it.

Step 1: Requirements

The parts you will require are,

  1. An old frame.
  2. Circuit board, (of any shape, just make sure that it will fit in frame where the lens are fitted.You have to remove lenses to fit the board.)
  3. White LED's (quantity as per requirements)
  4. USB male port or old USB data cable (here I have used old USB data cable of my old phone.)
  5. Two pin male connector (I have attached the 2 pin male connector to USB cable to make my LED Goggle free from it whenever I want.)
  6. Crocodile Clips.
  7. A switch
  8. One resister (to control the current)

Step 2: Assembling

The assembly of this circuit is so simple.

  1. Connect/Solder all the LEDs in parallel to each other.
  2. Connect the switch and resister in series with the resister.
  3. Place the whole assembly in the frame(if possible fix it in the frame)
  4. Insure there will not be any short connection of any LED or wire with any other component.

I have used resister of 68 ohms in series with 10 white LEDs, to control the current it was sufficient. Use the resister of that value where you can get sufficient brightness.

The switch connected is to turn off the LEDs even if circuit is connected to power supply. Hence it will not draw the power in case if you are not using it. I have made an arrangement in switch to short the resister, htis will be useful in when i'll use this circuit at low current source. Because of this I got single step adjustable brightness.

The circuit board which i had used has already printed path to connect 5 LEDs in parallel on each. You can use the Genaral Purpose PCB too.

If you want to use in multi purpose way use the connectors to attach and detach easily.

Step 3: Testing

After assembling all the elements in frame make sure that there will no short connections of LED leads or wire with the frame. ( if frame used is metallic,can cause accidental shortage of elements)

Test the circuit first using low current source any of you have, even a rechargeable battery or cellphone's battery. Then test the circuit on USB Charger or directly on your laptop or PC.

If all connections are fine it will defiantly work.

Step 4: Application

I have made this LED Goggle as application of laptop keyboard light in case of power cut off.

Here I have used the crocodile clips to use as emergency light in my house in same situation. For this, I just have to detach the clips from USB cable and have to attach them to battery.

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5 years ago on Introduction

Great job on your first Instructable! Nice reuse of materials. I hope that we see more from you in the future!