LED Gun Glove




I made a fun glove that lights up every time you make "the gun" sign with your hand. (thumb and forefinger pointing outwards like a gun)

Step 1: Basic Schematic

I simply used a small 3 volt battery to power may LED. Building this circuit was super easy because I didn't need any resistors at all due to the low voltage of my power supply.

Step 2: The Guts

So, I originally bought a nice holder for my battery to keep the inside simple and clean; however, the cheap piece of $#!t broke within the first ten minutes of tinkering (Booo!).

Instead, I used electrical tape to insulate the battery and connect the wire snuggly.

Then, I simply sewed the wire into the glove. I would have preferred to use conductive thread, but I didn't the have time to order it online and I was too shy to ask Becky if I could barrow some of hers (I'm kind of a dork, I know).

Step 3: The Switch

I pulled the exposed copper wire through the tip of the Ring finger and on the palm.

I flattened out the wire to make contact a little easier.

Now everytime one connects his ring finger to his palm, the LED will light up! Yay!

Step 4: Off

Now, just put it on your hand and......

Step 5: BANG!

The LED lights up!

You can use this same glove to light the LED using any hand sign that brings your ring finger to your palm.

My favorite choice was of course "the gun".



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    8 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    you could put the led on the pointer finger too, then you can "shoot" people


    9 years ago on Introduction

    it's so good to know that you aren't only another nice face, but also a nice mind that really thinks!!! good project,maybe you can use with some kind of laser but , instead of the "gun sign" put it in the glove in the place that Spiderman has its web-shooters , i think could be a nice gift for a boy...or not so boys? salutes from México!!!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    you should use it as a turn signal for bikes it would work very well