LED Halloween Decoration

Introduction: LED Halloween Decoration

Wish to save your wallet this year for Halloween or just in the mood to create something yourself? In this tutorial, you will learn how to properly solder LED lights to a decoration of your choosing.

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Step 1: What You'll Need



Step 2: Solder Time!

Follow steps 1 through 4 that will be included in your instruction manual in your Flashing LED Kit and solder the parts. Hint: Be careful not to mix up the resisters, double check the color band's positions before soldering. If they're rotated incorrectly check here to unsolder.

Step 3: Soldering Continued

  1. Solder the jumper wires where the LEDs would otherwise go.
  2. Afterwards insert your own LEDs into your jumper wires by putting the positive LED wire in the positive wire slot (you can check for the positive side of the LED by looking for the longer wire - your lights will not light up if the positive and negative side is mixed up). Next attach the battery pack by solder. The actual wires shouldn't be exposed and the rubber part should be flush with the board. DO NOT put the batteries into the pack until all these steps are complete.
  3. Optional: You can adjust the speeds at which the lights flash by taking a small phillips screw driver and turning the screws inside the trimmer.

Step 4: Final Product

Here's the final product. To hide the wires we just put the circuit board inside the hole in the back of the skull.

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    3 years ago

    That's interesting that you made them alternate, I don't see a lot that do that. It's usually just simultaneous flashing :)