LED Heart for My Girlfriend




Hello everybody!

It's my first project on Inctructables. I'm from Poland and English never was my good site so I hope you will be forgiving to me :)

I was looking for orginal gift for my girlfriend and after a few hours of thinking I decided to do LED heart using Arduino (only Atmega 328P with Arduino bootloader).

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Step 1: What You Need?

My project is inexpensive and you need only a few components:

- Atmega 328P with Arduino bootloader

- holder for Atmega 328P (DIP 28)

- 14 LEDs ( I used 7 red and 7 yellow)

- 14 resistors 560 Ohm

- 2 resistors 10k Ohm

- crystal oscillator 16 MHz

- button (not necessarily)

- voltage adjuster 7805

- capacitors (1uF, 100 uF, 22pF x 2)

- battery (I used 9V)

Step 2: Scheme and PCB Project

I found interesting tool for PCB design - easyeda.com - free, good equipped and easy to use online platform.

In my opinion EasyEDA is easier to understand than, for example, Eagle and is good idea for people who want to start design their own PCB. I didn't have a lots of problems with my scheme and PCB, but if you need same help, you will find it certainly on internet.

Step 3: Doing PCB

I printed my PCB project on laser printer and I moved toner from paper to laminate using an iron. After 10 minutes in water witch B327 I got maybe not the best, but good enought PCB.

Later it came time for drilling and soldering of course.

I have never done it before so I'm really glad with it.

Step 4: Arduino Code

Arduino code is very simple so I think everybody can understand it.

In your code you can use a button too, but I did not do that.

Of course you can add your own effects, it depends on your ideas :)

Step 5: Final Video

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