LED Heart for Valentines : )




Introduction: LED Heart for Valentines : )

It’s something very easy to anyone make it

and its will be very pretty gift and its cheap also : D

I use a programming Arduino and ill upload the programming so anyone will can make it

I use a 12 LED but this LED make a 7 colour I make it in a style like a heart small heart

Step 1: Components

You should have a

-12 LED

-12 resistors 240 ohm

- a one or two breadboard

- Arduino Uno

-And some wires to connect the components

if you make it in PCB board will be more nice coz with PCB board u can make a small cover and its will a nice gift

Step 2: Programming

I upload the programming and it’s without any mistake

Step 3: Final

Sorry for video it’s not very good

But its show the LED when make a light by this programming I upload

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    Nice valentines project. Good luck in the contest.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank u soo much : )