LED Infinity Mirror (100% Working)




Ever you seen yourself between two glasses????... You will see your image infinitely multiples.....

It's just an illussion....

With that concept, I made an LED Infinity Mirror under 15 dollar.....

Vote me if you like my invention and have one of this in your home too....


Step 1: You Will Need:

  • Acrylic mirror (A4 210 x 297 x 3mm 8" x 12" x 1/8")
  • Acrylic 2 way mirror
  • Wood (297 x 68 x 31mm)
  • LED tape
  • Aluminium Strip (1000 x 11.5 x 2mm)
  • DC power connector adapter head
  • Speaker cable
  • Enamelled copper wire

Step 2: Cut the Wood

Cut the wood as the image above for the mirror.

Step 3: Shape Your Aluminium Strip

Shape your aluminium strip as your mirror size and place it at the center of the mirror slots.

Step 4: Now Some Wood Works and Solder

Now follow as the video above....

The steps are longer so i made a video for much easier for beginner....

Follow my Youtube channel : TechDIY

Step 5: Mirror

At the behind slot place the acrylic mirror....

Front of it place the 2 way acrylic mirror....

Step 6: Light Up

Now light your Infinity mirror and enjoy.

Remember, Vote me if you like....

Thank you.



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    Wow - Not cool to rip of someone else's work and try and pass it off as your own. At least give techydiy credit since clearly he did the design and photos.


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    Instructables please remove this instructable it infringes my copyright and has used my photographs without permission.


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