LED Instrument Lights




Introduction: LED Instrument Lights

Decorative Instrument Lights

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Step 1: Materials


Linkit ONE (with Lithium Ion Battery)



Step 2: Linkit ONE

First you should set up the LED. Plug in your LED above your lithium ion battery. The battery comes with the Linkit ONE kit.

Step 3: Construction

Put some duck tape on the bottom of the LINKIT ONE. For the Drum ,tape the Linkit ONE to the top of the drum stand like so. Then place the Drum over it .For your guitar, you still tape the bottom of the board, but there is some more to do. You have to take the strings off, and then place the LED where you want it. It is very important for the guitar that you tape it down well with extra tape so it doesn't fall while in use

Step 4: Finish

Turn on your Linkit ONE, Turn down the lights, and enjoy

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