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After the LED build night we had many projects, we went about converting all old table lamps into LED ones. The LED ones were much more cooler than the bulb versions of it. The only additional thing that we had to add to it was a transformer and some diodes.

LED lamps consume lower power than the, desk lamp that it once was.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Lets Start with finding an old table lamp we had 3 of it.


  • LEDS
  • 1N4007 Diode x4
  • 3v-0v-3v Transformer


  • Screw Driver
  • Pliers

Step 2: Finding a Proper Lamp

Finding a proper lamp is the first step we need to do the lamp we are Looking for is the old desk lamp with a switch with no circuit boards inside. Then start disassembling the lamp you will find the power wire connected to the terminal which holds the bulb in place.

Step 3: Adding the Transformer

Ok now is time to convert the 220V to 3v, get a 3v transformer from eBay or a local hardware store connect the Transformer to the power line which goes to the bulb I removed the bulb holder to make space for the LEDs.

Step 4: LEDs

Ok now it’s time to add the LEDS, The LEDs are in parallel with each other and then connected to the transformer. We soldered the LEDs on the PCB to get good support. Before closing it, power it once to see if the LEDs are lighting up.

Step 5: Enclosure

Enclose all of it in the enclosure and use tapes or Sugru to hold the LEDs in place. And now you have a Cool LED desk lamp.



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    3 years ago

    Today, so one year after, your LEDs are dead and the transformer is burnt !

    You forgot to redress the current and didn't limit it with a resistor. Where did you see a 3V transformer is correct ? Cos it's not.


    I think you skipped the step of the bridge rectifier for the AC / DC conversion. A schematic for those who know little about electronics would be great. However, good idea.