LED LIT Safety Glasses

Introduction: LED LIT Safety Glasses

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Hi everyone , 
I have yet another project for you today , 
I'm going to show you how to build on an led light for your safety glasses ,
also I'm going to show you how to make the button cell battery box / holder for it , 

NOTE , in this project we will be dealing with sharp knifes - hot solder and epoxy glue ,
so please be careful , 
I will not be held responsible  for any injuries that may happen , 
please do not let children use epoxy  , and try to use gloves when using it , this stuff will dry quick and won't come off easily , 

with that said lets get started ,

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Step 1: What You Need

ok your going to need a few things ,

one led , I used a warm yellow colored led but clear will work to , 
two 470 ohm resistors , this depends on your led of course ,
a slide switch , 
three AG 13 button cell battery's , 
two plastic tubes one big enough to house the button cells and the other to one smaller to house your led , 
two battery contacts , I toke the ones off an old tv remote ,  like it shows in the picture above , 
some small wire , 
a small piece of scrap plastic ,

ok tools and supplies,

tube of 5 min epoxy glue ,  
soldering gun and lead free solder , 
hobby knife ,
electric tape , 
scissors , 
glue gun ,
ok on to the next step .

Step 2: Making the Battery Box and Led Case

ok cut a piece of the larger tube to big enough to house all three of the battery's ,
now place the spring contact to the button on the tube ,  
next cut a round piece of plastic and hot glue it to the button of the tube to hold the contact in place , like shown in the picture , 
the other contact we will connect later on the last step, 
now place your button cells in the tube  making sure the positive side is up ,
 take a led to test it with ,
the ground to the contact and the positive to the top , like shown in the picture , 
if it lights up you did it right , 
ok on to the next step

Step 3: Switch and Its Holder and Led

ok now using a piece from the larger tube again to make your switch holder ,
cut a piece width of your switch and then cut the tube in half lenght wise , 
next take the one half of the tube and place your switch in it  and glue in place , like shown in the picture , 
next glue the switches housing to the side of your battery box like shown in the picture ,
once done glue both to the arm on the side of your glasses , like in the picture , 

ok now for your led ,
take a piece of the small tube a cut it to size to make  your led's housing  ,
once you did that glue the led in place leaving the contacts out for soldering , 

on to the next step .

Step 4: Solder Time

ok it time to solder everything , 
I made a diagram in the picture above to give you an idea of were everything connects to , 
solder the two resistors together and then to the positive lead on the led ,
next solder a wire to the end  of the resistor and then  solder the other end of the wire to the positive battery contact , 

next solder the leds ground to the one pin / wire on your switch ,
and then solder the other wire on your switch to the ground battery contact , 
once done hot glue your led's housing to the front  side of your glasses on a slight angle  ,
and then put the resistors in the led's housing and glue them in ,

you can fallow the pictures above to see what mean ,

on to the last step.

Step 5: Tape , Epoxy , and Glue , Then the Test

ok last step ,
take a small piece of plastic from the left over smaller tube and cut down the middle of it ,
now take that piece a place it over the wires that are behind the led's housing and hot glue it in place , like shown in the picture ,

next take your button cell battery's and place them in the battery box , 
next take a piece of electric tape and tape the positive battery contact to the open end of your battery box , 
turn the switch on and the led should come on , 

to finish it off take some epoxy glue and glue over the hot glue were you've glued your housing to the glasses to make sure its extra strong ,
let the glue dry for about an hour to make sure its dry ,
next take some more tape a make sure the soldered connections are covered and not bare  or you can use some hot instead ,

ok your done ,
now you can turn it on and try it out ,
wow now you can see in the dark with safety glasses , 

hope you enjoyed this project , 

thank you for viewing .

p.s if there's something I missed and did not mention in this project  feel free to ask and let me know and i'll do the best can to explain it , 

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