LED Lamp From Lighters





Introduction: LED Lamp From Lighters

This time I will show you, how to make a simple LED lamp from lighters.

How I did it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions bellow.

Attention: the best and recommended way is to use empty lighters, because gas inside is flammable. Light source mus generate heat little as possible. If you will use lighters with gas inside - take it on your own risk. Some from non will be not responsible for any possible consequence. Good luck!

For this project you will need:


12V LED strip ~25cm

12v 1A power supply

32 lighters

small piece of plywood

small aluminum can

On/Off switch


Hot glue gun + hot glue

Soldering iron


Step 1: Begining..

Started from glueing 7 lighters in a row side by side. Used hot transparent glue.
In this way made 4 identical pieces.

Step 2: Side by Side

Connected two pieces and secured with hot glue. Later on, third and fourth sides.

Step 3: Installing LED

Took Redbull drink can and a 12V LED strip. First twisted LED strip in needed pattern and after that pulled off protecting tape and sticked strip to the can.

Step 4: Power Supply and Switch

To power LED strip used 12V 1A power supply. Cut off old connector, striped wires and soldered one wire to LED strip. At other terminal soldered spare wire which will be connected to on/off switch.

Step 5: Placing Switch

Took out some guts from one lighter, filled with hot glue and sticked on/off switch inside.

Step 6: Finishing Bottom

For lamp bottom used a piece of plywood. With hot glue glued can to the plywood.
Inserted can to lamp and glued last lighter with switch. After that glued plywood bottom.

Step 7: Finishing Top

To close the top used 4 lighters and with hot glue set them in place.

Step 8: Result

That’s how looks finished LED lamp from lighters. On/Off button is easy accessible and almost not visible.
I’m very happy how it came out. Gives nice, colored light.



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    13 Discussions

    I love this, I'll replace the pens with lighters on my lamp shade.


    Awesome, simple and nice

    dangerous! use empty lighters!

    Absolute perfect idea! Thank You for sharing!

    Such a cute object! Pity that it's quite flammable!

    I'd give a little more detail such as the size of the wiring and adapter and switch. Second, include a warning not to use an incandescent light because the butane could ignite. Other than those two things, this is a wonderful project. I'd use empty lighters just for the safety. This is a great way to recycle otherwise disposable items.

    If those are new, I really, REALLY, REALLYREALLY hope that no-one uses an incandescent lamp.

    Just a warning for other people, but other than that it looks pretty cool :)

    Awesome work, great was to reuse old lighters!


    1 year ago

    Dude! This is awesome!!

    I love the way it casts the colorful light!

    Awesome design. I like the multi-color look.

    I don't have the lighters but I have got a lot of old power cords that we no longer have the device. I am pleased to see how easy it is to put them to use. Thanks.

    That looks really cool. I like the effect that you get with multiple color lighters.