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Introduction: LED-Lamp for Any Room

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I was tired about all the lamps you can buy, often they dont fit in the room...
so... build it your self.

Step 1: Buy Your Stuff

Buy industriall profile:

Here in Germany it's easy to buy them for example from ITEM, when you want to do that, wirte them a mail with your order.

And to put them on the wall you should buy also a cover profile:

You can buy the LED-Stripe nearly everywhere, I bought nearly 50m directly in China for 80€.

Step 2: Put It on the Wall

So, last step put the Stuff on the wall.
(I'm sorry but I can't find the fotos. When I'll find them I'll add them here)

Therefor you cut the cover profile into pieces and screw them on your wall.
Then you simply clinch the profile in.

Step 3: Solder Time

Now you can glue on the LED-stripes and solder the connectors.

and .... done :-)

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    5 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    based on the first photo I was expecting (OK... hoping) that it was going to be a taxidermied cat with LED eyes.

    Layer 8
    Layer 8

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I think my girlfriend wouldn't be so happy about a taxidermied cat...
    I'll ask her...

    Nope It wasn't a good idea. :-)


    6 years ago

    I was hoping for the cat, too. So disappointed! (j/k) I'm sure the other lighting is also quite nice.